Live with Kelly and YOU Co Host Contest

What’s your dream job? Over the course of the years, I’ve wanted to do lots of different things and I’ve been lucky enough to try my hand at a couple. Acting and writing, among them. But there was one dream job that I always wanted to try and never thought I’d have the chance to tackle–talk show host!

Those who know me, know that I have the gift of gab. (Although, I’m sure there are times that it doesn’t feel like a gift.) My nicknames as a child included, Chatty Cathy and Motormouth…not especially nice but fitting. I’ve always been a talker. Hell, I made my living as a public speaker for many years. At least I learned to put all that chatter it to good use!

Well, now I have a chance at checking Talk Show Host off my bucket list…even if only for a day.  The LIVE with Kelly show is holding a #LivewithKellyandYOU contest. I had three different girlfriends message me about it. Each of them I met during a different part of my life. One is an old college friend. One is a woman I became friends with through our children. The other is one of my dear writer friends. I’ve met and known each them via very different stages in life and yet all three agreed….this girl can TALK!

Below is my video submission and I need all the VIEWS, LIKES, SHARES, and COMMENTS that I can get.  If you feel so inclined, please click the image below and it will take you the LIVE with Kelly video page….

They will announce 40 Finalists on Friday, 9/23 and it gets narrowed down from there. I know the odds of making the finals are SUPER slim but if I didn’t enter then my chances would be zero.

Hey….you never know!

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